So it’s time again for another installment of our monthly blog circle. I have no idea where the month of March went, it barely seems like yesterday that I posted last month’s word but here we are and this month was a interesting one and I have taken some long and beautiful walks around the county.

Uitwaaien, a word of dutch origin that appears to have no english equlivalent which is a shame as it’s something us native North Norfolk folk seem to do a lot. It means to take a break to clear one’s head. To take a walk in the wind. Of course, there is generally no shortage of wind up on the coast around here and when I saw this word I knew I would be visiting some of my most favorite places here in Norfolk, it really is the perfect place to sit, ponder and let the wind clear away those worries. The problem I had is that I didn’t really feel like I nailed the feeling that I get when I visit these breathtaking places, through my lens. It’s definitely something I’d like to explore some more and see if I can do this lovely coastline of ours justice.

Anyway, I hope you still enjoy what I did capture, I even turned the camera around on myself for once! First up is the lovely Burnham Overy Staithe, you really can walk as far as your legs will take you, the creeks turn into rivers and the rivers run to the sea where you can really stare in the blue and ponder the meaning of everything.

Further down the coast takes you to another favorite of mine, Morston Quay, a National Trust Nature Reserve which in the summer is very busy as people arrive to sail their boats or take a boat trip out to see the seals on Blakeney Point. In March however, it is much quieter and although you will always see a few people coming to ‘take a walk in the wind’, it is mostly still and quiet except for the migrating birds.

A little further down the road will bring you to one of my most favorite places on earth to Uitwaaien, the lovely pebbled beaches of Salthouse and Weybourne. But first a quick peek at a place inbetween the two, it really is one of the best views to be had over the norfolk coast, Muckleburgh Hill, the only way up is to walk but once you’re there it kind of feels like you’re on top of the world. Here is my youngest enjoying the view.

And onto Salthouse Beach looking towards Weybourne, the pebbles just seem to go on forever, this is a lovely place to watch the sunset and if you’re equipped, enjoy a spot of sea fishing.

A little bit inland and you can still find many a place to Uitwaaien, one favorite of mine is a local pinewood where the trees are so tall you wonder if they might reach to the moon!

And I couldn’t possibly finish this post without including a picture of our counties treasure, the Norfolk Broads. Although without doubt the best way to Uitwaaien here is to hire a boat and explore the rivers and broads from the helm, it is also just as wonderful to find a quiet place by the river, feed the birds and take in the stillness of the water. I always feel lucky to live around here and right now even more so. Follow the circle to see more fantastic interpretations of the word Uitwaaien, next along the circle is Julie Anne from Julie Anne Images. Enjoy!






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